Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2139 3.11.1941

Activity of the Light Beings ....

The unredeemed being constantly needs help because it is powerless by itself. Consequently, beings must again constantly be ready to help these powerless beings, and this is the activity of all those beings who have placed themselves into a certain state of maturity through the activity of love. These beings are now redemptively active because they help the unfree to become free from its bound state. Thus the activity in the beyond is a redeeming of the spiritual from bondage ....

And thus the work of redemption, which was not accomplished on earth, is started or continued in the beyond, and countless beings take part in it, namely all spiritual beings which already receive light by distributing light again. The bearers of light in the beyond shower their love on immature beings in the beyond as well as those on earth, for their only endeavour is to impart light to them, i.e., to guide them into knowledge .....

For only he who stands in light is free .... he who is knowledgeable is also free from every bondage, because knowledge, light and love cannot be thought of without each other and always signify a state of freedom. For knowledge, light and love are synonymous with strength, but strength also presupposes freedom, just as lack of strength and lack of freedom are also synonymous. Therefore strength must join the lack of strength, or else the bearers of light and knowledge, because they are full of love, must grant their support to the powerless beings, they must supply them with what they lack.

Through this the beingness is put into the state to use the strength imparted to them and now also to make itself free. And this releasing of the unfree spiritual from the state of complete lack of strength and bondage is constant activity in the beyond ..... But it is also the human being's most beautiful task on earth which brings him the highest spiritual advantage. For the sooner the work of redemption is tackled the greater the success will be.

The supply of strength on the part of beings of light on the other side has the effect that the human being on earth can already throw off the fetter, that he becomes free from the oppressive power and thus can likewise shape himself into a bearer of light through the transmission of light, knowledge and love, thus becomes a recipient of strength who can be active again in redemption in earthly life or also in the beyond, if he leaves earthly life. Everything redeemed shall assist the unredeemed, and as soon as the being submits to this task it is free itself and joins the kingdom of light.

The task in the beyond is beyond measure gratifying for the beings of light, for in their love they know no other more satisfying activity than to help those who have to suffer because they are still unfree, thus to redeem them from their agonising state. Thus the act of Salvation, which Jesus Christ accomplished on earth with His crucifixion, was the beginning, and all beings who follow Jesus ...., who therefore live a life of love like Jesus and help the beings in need of His help, participate in this act of Salvation ...., as it were, by virtue of their love they share light and knowledge and thus release the still bound beings from their bondage ....



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