Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2141 5.11.1941

Giving to Receive ....
Bringing Sacrifice ....

Make every sacrifice to the Lord of heaven and earth, that He may give you according to your love. The soul mostly desires the world, it desires what is beneficial to the body, and this prevents it from entering into contact with the spirit within it, it prevents it from fulfilling the spirit's desire. But advantage can only bring it the fulfilment of what the spirit in it tells it to do.

As soon as the body urges you to fulfil its desire you should resist it, for only then can the spirit in you develop, and what the spirit imparts to you outweighs all earthly pleasures and joys. But the spirit which expresses itself in you, if you give it the opportunity to do so through your will, is a spark of the divine spirit of love, it is an emanation of God, thus a part of Him, and this divine spark of love shall become a bright flame in you, and nothing more is necessary for this than that you constantly supply this spark with nourishment so that it can develop into a bright flame.

You must constantly give so that you can receive, i.e. give away everything earthly in order to receive spiritual things. So your soul must only follow what the spirit in you demands and disregard all desires of the body. It must sacrifice what gives the body pleasure and may receive undreamt-of spiritual treasures in return, which compensate for every sacrifice. He who gives, receives; but he who takes, shall likewise be taken away.

But spiritual good outweighs every sacrifice, for it is more valuable than any earthly riches. The bestowal of spiritual good is always an act of love, God embraces the earthly child full of warmth to His heart, thus He distributes His love, and the human being receives something extremely precious when this love is clothed in an external form, when God imparts His Word to the human being.

The divine Word is therefore a visible sign of God's love for people .... However, the divine Word can only be received when the human being gives .... away what has hitherto given pleasure to the body. The human being must sacrifice in order to be able to receive, because making sacrifices testifies to love ....

If the human being gives something away which seemed valuable to him, he proves this love and God rewards him for his will. He then gives the human being His grace, for His love is infinite and He does not want the earthly child to offer but to receive, yet nothing earthly may appear more valuable to it so that it desires it ..... Then it denies divine love the entrance to its heart. Then the human being prevents the working of the divine spirit, and then the human heart is not yet receptive for the gift God wants to offer him ...., for he can only receive from God if he relinquishes what belongs to the world ....



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