Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2145 9.11.1941

Fear of death ....
Moment of parting agony or happiness ....

Man can live and yet be dead in spirit, and likewise he can lose his bodily life and awaken from the sleep of death to eternal life. And both are up to him, he decides himself about the death or life of his soul and yet attaches so little importance to this privilege of a free decision during his earthly life. The state of death is an uncomfortable thought for every human being as soon as he stands in the middle of life. And yet very few people do anything to make this thought less uncomfortable. They can do it easily by living in such a way that there is no more death for them, that they are reborn to eternal life.

And then death will have lost its sting for them, and the moment of departure from earth can be the most glorious moment, without fear and terror or anxious uncertainty about one's distant fate. Giving up earthly life need not be painful, the soul can detach itself from the body without any agony, as soon as it did not pay attention to the body on earth and the union with the spirit was its striving on earth.

Then the spirit has already hurried ahead into the spiritual kingdom during its lifetime, for it recognised this as its right home. He will now also describe this home to his soul in such a way that it also longs for that kingdom, and thus nothing will keep soul and spirit back on earth. But the body of such people is also in a certain state of maturity and no longer oppresses the soul. Consequently, the soul easily detaches itself from it and enters the kingdom of peace .....

But where the body has not yet given the spirit freedom within itself it will also still exert the greatest influence on the soul, and since the body is attached to earth it will also transfer this desire to the soul, and now the soul only sees that it has to leave the stay on earth it has grown fond of, and since it cannot stop or avert the hour itself it is seized by great fear of the 'after'. For at the hour of death she clearly recognises what she has done wrong and this burdens her extraordinarily, and the hour of death becomes a torment for her, for she enters darkness where bright light could shine for her. And her state now is desolate and full of terror.

Man has lived on earth only for his physical well-being, and so he now reaps the fruit of his life. The body and the soul suffer great agonies, for the soul cannot enter the kingdom of light, consequently it is condemned to inactivity, whereas the souls in the kingdom of light are allowed to be continuously active and the activity alone is already infinitely blissful. Life or death is the fate of the souls which leave earthly life, and life or death is determined by the human being himself during his earthly life. And blessed is he if he still lets his will become active in time, that he learns to despise the world and works restlessly on himself. Then the hour of death will also be welcome to him, for it means awakening to eternal life .... for him it is not an hour of horror but the final redemption from a bound state ....



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