Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2146 10.11.1941

Fighting Christ ....
Support of God ....
Doubt ....
Tool ....

Only few people will be found who courageously and openly stand up for Him in the time of battle against Christ, for faith in God's support is too small and thus people fear for their lives and their freedom, and in the end they give away their faith themselves because they love their life more than their soul. And only a few will dare to speak as they think, and only a few will ask for God's help and confess Jesus Christ without fear before the whole world.

But these few are strong in faith. They know that the time has come which the Lord announced during His life on earth, the time when He will descend to earth again to save humanity from deepest adversity. They know that their fellow human beings are in great need and that help must be brought to them, and they clearly recognise their task on earth and seek to fulfil it. Therefore they must speak freely and openly so that their fellow human beings' thinking is stimulated and prompted to make a free decision. They must not anxiously ask about the effect of their actions, they must freely and openly confess God and thus fulfil His will first before they fulfil any other obligation.

And now they will be put to severe tests .... The divine Word will be picked apart in such a way that nothing will remain and even the believing person will be afflicted by doubts as to the authenticity of Christ's teaching. And in this spiritual adversity He will express Himself and bring strength to those who become fickle because He recognises their will to serve Him.

And now the human being is only an instrument in the hands of God. For he carries out what God wants, he speaks and acts according to God's will, and he does not fear the world and its power but places himself under divine protection. And this is his strength, for anyone who goes into battle with God will defeat all opposition; he will be strong where others become weak, he will speak where others remain silent, he will work even if it is forbidden, and he will know that he is acting right and that he cannot act differently, for his inner voice tells him what he should and should not do ....



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