Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2149 12.11.1941

Unknowledge and its effect ....
Wrongful Way of life ....

The earthly change is decisive for life in the beyond, but it is rarely given serious significance, rather a life in the beyond is regarded as doubtful, but another purpose is attributed to earthly life .... the transformation and increase of that which is accessible to man in creation. Man regards himself and his activity as necessary for creation, but not creation as a means to an end, which only came into being because of him.

And consequently his thinking and striving is in no way profitable for his soul if he is not deeply religious and a life after death has become a certainty for him. His way of life will correspond to his faith, yet the unbeliever does not use his earthly life to reshape himself but to reshape what surrounds him, i.e. he shapes his earthly life into a comfortable and pleasurable existence, he shapes his appearance, his living conditions and only seeks increased joy of life.

And for this purpose he creates and shapes any kind of things which again serve for increased well-being for himself or his fellow human beings. But they do not pay attention to the spirit in the human being and therefore leave him in a bound state. Consequently, they neither recognise the meaning and purpose of creation nor that of their earthly life. They are without knowledge about their task, about the course of all beingness through creation, about the development of the soul and about the effect of a failed earthly life.

They do not know about the state in the hereafter, about the sufferings on the one hand and the happiness on the other, which is the consequence of a wrong or right earthly change. And this ignorance is the greatest obstacle on the path upwards, for ignorance is darkness of spirit, and darkness does not let them find the right path. And that is why it is so necessary that these people are offered enlightenment, that they are instructed about the purpose and goal of earthly life, that the life in the beyond is forcefully presented to them and their thoughts and aspirations are turned and directed towards life after death.

It is necessary that people receive information about this so that they abandon their purely worldly aspirations and steer their earthly life into other directions, that they think of their soul and decide to start working on their soul. For the time on earth is short, but the time they have to spend in darkness in the beyond is infinitely long if they have not accepted the light on earth which is repeatedly offered to them through God's love ....



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