Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2152 15.u.16.11.1941

Spiritual exchange necessary for the maturing of the soul ....

The perpetual exchange of spiritual good (thoughts) from giving spiritual beings to human beings and from these to fellow human beings is so infinitely valuable and contributes tremendously to the transformation of human thinking. There is no easier way to guide humanity into the right knowledge. For this is the most revealing and truest explanation of what still gives man cause for question. Yet this path is not often taken, even if it is shown to people .....

And therefore the truth can only be found very rarely amongst humanity, for those who distribute knowledge on earth are mostly not in contact with the spiritual givers, consequently they only teach what they have received from worldly teachers. This, however, offers no guarantee for the truth. But if the pure truth is presented to fellow human beings by a human being it seems unacceptable to them, and this results in the fact that spiritual exchange is only very rarely possible, for the reference to it is disregarded.

Countless beings in the beyond are ready to give, they are not listened to and their gift is not desired. The spiritual strength they would like to emanate to earthly people in need of strength is not received, and this is an inconceivable disadvantage for the whole of humanity, for nothing can replace this failure, nothing can benefit spiritual development as much as the imparting of truth, which absolutely has to be conveyed to the human being if his soul is to mature on earth. ....

Every possibility of exchange is prevented as soon as the human being is deprived of faith in otherworldly forces and their activity. This faith, however, cannot be retained by the human being through coercion, even these forces only express themselves where faith in their working is particularly strong, for faith is the prerequisite for the human being to listen within, and only then can he hear the voice of these spiritual givers. But the spiritual friends cannot express themselves in any other obvious way if the freedom of faith is not to be touched.

For a person who would be forced to believe in otherworldly activity would also be forced in his actions and thinking and could therefore never reach the degree of perfection. On the other hand, however, the exchange with spiritual forces is absolutely necessary for this, for their mental influences stimulate the human being to consciously work on his soul. But this work has to be done and is neglected where the mental influence cannot take place due to unbelief or open resistance against the working of otherworldly forces. For the human being is free to make his own decision, thus earthly life will also be left to him even if he does not use it for the salvation of his soul ....



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