Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2153 16.11.1941

Transmitting the Truth ....
Inflow of Power and Grace ....

An immeasurable abundance of divine grace flows to the human being who makes God his own and desires His strength. For God's love seizes him because he has now recognised his belonging to God. God never detached Himself from the being which became apostate, but since the being itself renounced God, thus distanced itself from Him, God's love could not flow towards it. Now, however, the being returns to God of its own accord and opens itself to the flow of love which now overflows into it in all abundance.

Light and power impartation means when the being enters the circuit of divine love radiation, light goes to man in the form of knowledge, therefore the state of light will always be brightness of spirit, and who therefore stands in light, he will also let this light radiate far in the surroundings that it breaks through the darkness of spirit. The effort to bring light into the darkness requires strength, and this strength also comes to the human being. He will now be able to accomplish what his will strives for, namely to give his fellow human beings the same which makes him happy, for now he has become seeing, now he stands in the light, he knows about the happiness of him who stands in knowledge and seeks to pass this knowledge on.

God blesses this intention, for His love applies to all His beings, also to those who have distanced themselves from Him, and since they don't want to return to Him of their own accord there is only the possibility that they will be led back by people devoted to God who make it their task to help them. And to these God imparts His grace. He trains them to be His rightful representatives on earth, He makes His will known to them and introduces them to the truth so that they can now represent the truth and proclaim the divine will to those who are still on the wrong track.

And anyone who wants to serve Him will truly not remain powerless; he will be able to accomplish things which can only be done with strength from God and which make the person happy who gratefully accepts this gift, who thus allows himself to be taught by the one who offers himself to God for service. And thus the light shines far in the surroundings. And it will penetrate the darkness, it will illuminate the night and the darkness will have to give way, for love for God determines the human being to give himself to Him and love for his fellow human being determines him to pass on what he has received, and he is able to do both through divine grace which flows to him in abundance as an outpouring of divine love. ....



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