Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2154 17.u.18.11.1941

Divine working of the Spirit requires undoubted faith ....

Divine working of the spirit requires undoubted faith, for divine working of the spirit is the influx of power from God, which understandably can never be granted to a human being who is not a full believer. What the spirit from God imparts to the human being is often not comprehensible by the human intellect. Faith, however, affirms everything, even if the intellect cannot grasp it. But if God makes Himself known through the spirit, then He also wants what He gives to be accepted in faith, for His gift is too exquisite to be given to those who are weak in faith and therefore doubt divine truth.

To the believing person nothing seems impossible, nothing incomprehensible and nothing impracticable, consequently he accepts every teaching without doubting its truthfulness. Unbelief, however, sets limits; anyone who is unbelieving will always raise objections because he does not know the working of the spirit in the human being, because he knows nothing and because he now judges according to his worldly understanding. For the unbeliever will never be able to receive the truth directly but it has to be conveyed to him. Consequently, because he cannot believe he will reject the communication of the one who lets the spirit from God work in him, for he is not yet able to receive divine truth.

Faith must be strong, only then will the human being become so that he submits himself to God in deepest humility. He must believe in God, only then will he strive to live as it pleases Him. In order to fulfil the will of a power, the power must first be acknowledged, and this is faith .... In the human being lies the inclination to contradict, and he will keep contradicting until the spiritual spark awakens in himself, and then this will inform him, and truly in the same way, for the spirit from God can proclaim nothing but truth ....

(18.11.1941) The believer recognises truth as such, but the unbeliever is convinced that he is being offered untruth and rejects it. But he also does not have the desire for truth, otherwise the will to reject would not be so great in him, because being able to believe is only the consequence of wanting to believe. If the human being wants to come to realisation and finds it difficult to believe, God's love is constantly striving for him, for his will is decisive.

He is mentally instructed, and mentally many wisdoms are brought to him which he examines again and again, and his will to reject becomes weaker and weaker. This is also an activity of the spirit, only in a different form than the direct imparting of wisdom from God, which presupposes full faith. But the will for truth is already an affirmation of the eternal Deity, thus an unconscious faith, and God increases and strengthens this as soon as the human being is serious about it.

If the direct expressions of the spirit are brought to that person, he will not immediately affirm them but they will be cause for him to think. And he will recognise that what is offered to him does not deviate from his thoughts, he will recognise the harmony of what he thought and what is now imparted to him. And thus he learns to believe because he wanted to believe, for unconsciously he himself strives towards God. And God does not let him strive in vain, God lets Himself be found when He is sought and comes to meet him in the form of truth, which he will now recognise as such.

The strength from God constantly flows to people and God's spirit constantly works in those people who shape themselves accordingly so that He can work in them, for God wants to spread the truth, He wants to snatch people from spiritual darkness, and where God's spirit works there is light and brightness .....



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