Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2157 19.11.1941

Unification of soul and spirit through loving activity ....

You feel the strength which God imparts to you through His Word less physically and yet you will become free, for the soul's fetters will be broken through it and it will be able to hear the voice of the spirit within itself. You should constantly wrestle and ask for the supply of strength and therefore the body does not feel it, so that the human being does not become careless in his striving. If he asks for strength from God he will inevitably receive it, and anyone who requests strength from God can never be regressive. For God will not let a person ask in vain for a gift that benefits the soul. If you humans receive strength from God in the form of His Word, the spirit within you will also have awakened and be able to make itself understood by the soul, i.e. the soul is able to accept the spirit's instructions. It is therefore already in a certain freedom and uses this freedom to connect with the spirit, which also wants to unite with it. Only when the soul is united with the spirit has it reached the degree of maturity which results in a light-filled beyond.

Soul and spirit were not united at the beginning of embodiment. The soul knew nothing of the divine spark it held within itself. Only through the activity of love did it become aware of it, because only then did the spirit express itself. The goal and purpose of earthly life is the unification of soul and spirit .... which can only be achieved through love. Loving activity provides the soul with strength, thus it can feel the working of the spirit ...., it can accept its instructions, it grasps the wisdom imparted to it and can therefore also pass it on.

All this requires strength, which it can request from God through heartfelt prayer or acquire itself through constant activity of love, through which it likewise strives for strength from God. The spirit in the human being will always drive it to love, since it is a divine spark of love itself ..... If the soul is lovingly active it intimately unites with the spark of love within itself, and the more intimate the union of soul and spirit is the freer the spirit becomes, which uses its freedom to receive spiritual good from spiritual regions which it then supplies to the soul again.

And everything is strength from God .... And thus divine strength flows to the human being with every transmission of spiritual good. It causes the soul and spirit to unite and strive for the same thing .... the union with God .... Although the human being is not noticeably aware of the bond between soul and spirit, he increasingly joins the spirit's desire, i.e. he does not hinder the soul if it wants to enter into the bond with the spirit within himself and submits to its will without resistance. For now the spirit controls the human being's thinking, feeling and wanting and his earthly life must be an ascent ....



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