Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2158 20.11.1941

Earthprobe ....
Subverting the Will ....

Earthly life is given to you as a trial. If you don't pass this test your fate after your departure from earth will continue to be a bound one, for your will cannot be forcibly directed such that you do what will release you from your bondage. Redemption can only be found through the surrender of your free will, because free will once resisted God, and in earthly life you humans often have enough opportunity to sacrifice your will. The body will constantly push for the fulfilment of its desire, and then free will has to kick in and resist the body's desire for love of God ...., then it consciously strives for its redemption.

Thus all earthly pleasures and the temptations of this world are only a means to an end, so that the human being allows his free will to become active and surrenders everything because he wants to submit to God's will. The redemption from the form, from the unfree state, outweighs every sacrifice man has made on earth. He need not fear another bondage as soon as he leaves this life but his state will be a free one, it will mean redemption from every cover.

Thus the will cannot be compulsorily directed towards God, and only few people voluntarily give up their former resistance against God. Hence humanity is in greatest danger, for earthly life passes quickly and it has not been lived in accordance with its purpose. People still subject their will to the opposing power which is to blame for their bondage. And this is the occasion for an intervention on God's part which is intended to draw people's attention to His will so that they will release themselves from the adversary's control and take refuge in God ....



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