Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2159 21.11.1941

Power of the Divine Word ....

The acceptance of the divine Word will put the human being into the state to fulfil the task which is the purpose of his earthly life. God has assured His grace and strength to people who are of good will, and they demonstrate their good will when they hear Him ...., when they accept His Word within themselves and make an effort to comply with it. The will is decisive, and good will resolutely leads to God, for the strength which flows forth from His Word leads back to Him again. It pushes the willing human being into the circuit of divine love, and what has once felt God's love can never ever be without this love. ....

It follows the course of higher development in constant readiness to receive God's love. And love flows to every receptive heart, again in the form of His Word. For God's Word is the outpouring of His never-ending love .... God's Word is the epitome of grace and strength .... God's Word is the influx of Him Who Himself is the Word from eternity. God Himself descends to earth in the Word and infuses everything with strength which surrenders to the effect of this Word. Only the will is necessary to receive it in order to be flooded by its power. The recipient must inevitably develop upwards because a decline is no longer possible where the power of God Himself is active.

Only where resistance is opposed is the Word of God ineffective. For there it passes the human being's ear and heart, the strength cannot penetrate because the heart closes itself, and the human being remains untouched and feels nothing of the blessing of the divine Word. To desire is to receive .... And therefore the human being's will must first become active before the strength from God can flow towards him. But where the will has turned towards God the human being can never be without strength, and this inflowing strength connects the human being with God, it makes him recognise his origin and inevitably draws him back to the place from where he originated .... it leads him towards his original beginning, towards God, from Whose strength the being emerged ....



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