Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2161 22.11.1941

Meaning of the Allotment of the Divine Word ....
Elements ....

People carelessly pass by the divine Word and therefore walk powerlessly on earth. But without the impartation of strength they will not reach their goal. And time and again God meets them with His love and offers them the most precious thing, His Word, which is to facilitate their path upwards, which is to supply them with strength and make them able to live according to God's will.

They cannot measure the significance of the divine Word for people .... that God Himself speaks to people, to beings who originally turned away from Him .... who rebelled against Him in wrong will and arrogance .... that He turns His love towards them and wants to make it easy for them to make up for their past sin, that He shows them the path of return to the Father and makes His will known to them .... that He promises them grace and strength if they comply with His will, practise love and request His strength ....

He makes Himself known to people, His love, strength and grace express themselves by descending to people in the Word. And people carelessly pass by this bestowal of grace. They do not recognise God's love, they do not recognise His working and thus spurn the supply of strength, which is incomparably valuable and cannot be replaced by anything. God's love and patience is infinite, time and again He tries to bring salvation to people, time and again He brings Himself close to them and seeks entrance into their hearts .....

Full of love and gentleness He speaks to them through the voice of the heart, He speaks to them through the mouth of willing servants, He speaks to them through suffering and earthly hardship .... And people do not hear, they close their hearts and ears and continue to walk their path which leads astray. The voice of the heart sounds ever softer until it is finally no longer heard. For in order to hear God's voice the human being has to be willing, but he lacks the will towards God.

And this is the time when God will raise His voice so that every human being will have to hear it ..... Humanity will have to be shaken up so that it no longer pays attention to God's softly admonishing voice ..... For God does not want to let people perish because they are His creatures which came forth from His love and carry His spirit within them .... He does not want to abandon them to the adversary so that they will not lose life in eternity, so that they will not fall prey to eternal death ....

His love and mercy for humanity knows no bounds, and where His softly spoken Word is disregarded His voice will resound loudly and audibly so that those who have disregarded Him will tremble. And what God has proclaimed through His Word will come true. For God's Word is truth, it is unchanging ....

And thus the time will come when God will reveal Himself powerfully and mightily in the raging of the elements, when the forces of nature will begin to stir and bear witness to God's will in such a way that He must be respected .... And those who did not want to hear His Word will now hear the voice of God and will no longer be able to close themselves off to it. It will be a time of terror and hardship, yet it is inevitable if people are not to face visible ruin. For they pay no attention to God's gentle admonition and challenge God's severity where His love has been rejected ....



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