Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2164 24.11.1941

Rejection of spiritual truths proves man's remoteness from God. man ....

How far people have distanced themselves from God is evident from the rejection they have of spiritual mediation. They consider the possibility of a divine revelation to be completely excluded and therefore don't even approach the content, thus they neither recognise a God of love nor of omnipotence if they reject it so quickly. And thus they are empty words which people only repeat when they speak of a God of love .....

People don't know what divine love is capable of, and the fact that love does not let anything fall is also incomprehensible to them. People are so far removed from the eternal Deity and therefore God's working is incomprehensible to them and cannot be made comprehensible to them by force, and therefore the human being's task of conveying the divine Word to them is often not easy to accomplish; it requires infinite love and patience, and the first effort of the God-willing human being must be to present God to his fellow human beings as a Being Whom they may not look for in the distance, that they consider nothing improbable and therefore may not doubt His working either.

If they succeed in transferring this faith to their fellow human beings, this is already a success which promises further successes. People want to have proof as long as they cannot believe. But once they come closer to this thought that they are constantly cared for by God's Fatherly love, then they pay attention to all turns of their earthly life, and they feel God's nearness and believe even without evidence. Only then can the Word of God be supplied to them, and it will only bring them confirmation of what the heart now feels.

And again, their attitude towards the world is decisive as to whether they want to be convinced of God's love and omnipotence. For those who are fully devoted to the world do not want to acknowledge a being which is apart from the world, to whom they shall sacrifice the pleasures of the world. For in the world and its pleasures they find complete fulfilment of what they long for. Only renunciation leads them closer to the eternal divinity .... To those whom the world denies itself, God draws near, and blessed is he who receives Him. God directs the steps of those who want to serve Him to those people who shall be introduced to the knowledge of God's love and His working ....

And thus He brings Himself close to them, for He knows about the willingness of their hearts and leaves no stone unturned to turn them towards Him. Sometimes only a small hint is enough for a person to become a believer, yet at times utmost patience and love is required in order to lead him to faith. And therefore God's servants need great strength which they must constantly request in prayer, for their ministry is not easy and the resistance is often very great ....



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