Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2168a 27.11.1941

Christianity - Doctrine of Love ....
Recognition of the Godhead Jesus ....

Only love redeems, and only the teaching that preaches love can be addressed as Christian teaching, i.e. as the love teaching of Christ, the divine Redeemer. Christianity is thus the effect of a teaching on people .... i.e., all people who truly live according to the teaching of love are followers of this teaching, thus representatives of right Christianity. A person can also call himself Christian who knows nothing about Jesus Christ and yet lives his life in a truly Christian way, in the most zealous observance of the commandment of love for God and man.

Conversely, however, Christian thinking can be denied to anyone who does not make the divine commandments of love the principle of his way of life. And at present the world, i.e. humanity, can hardly be called Christian, for love has become alien to it, and even the outward confession of Christ is often not decisive for Christian thinking if the person is not also active in love. People who still have a negative attitude towards the act of Salvation can also follow the Christian doctrine of love, however, they will not remain in their opinion for long, for where love is active recognition is no longer far away .... and the human being first recognises that he can never reject Jesus Christ; and only then does he consciously live Christianity .... .

He does what Jesus demanded of people in His time .... he lives in love and thus follows Jesus. However, the current lack of love is the reason why humanity is increasingly distancing itself from God, thus also from the divine Redeemer, thus Christianity is in danger of disappearing from the world because people do nothing to free themselves from their lack of love, and thus they will also deny Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of the world, for those who do not practise love themselves do not acknowledge the One Who was pure love in Himself ....



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