Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2168b 28.11.1941

Christianity - Doctrine of Love ....
Recognition of the Godhead Jesus ....

The activity of love is a prerequisite for the knowledge of God's infinite love, for the human being only becomes knowledgeable when he lives in love, because love and wisdom cannot be thought of without each other. Thus love leads to knowledge, consequently the loving human being will understand the idea of redemption as well as Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world. For as soon as the human being is in knowledge, he also knows about the dreadful plight in which all beingness finds itself during its course through earthly life.

The being's great distance from God becomes clear to him as well as its weakness without divine help. And therefore he also recognises the blessing of the act of Salvation .... He knows that only love has redeeming strength and that Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for love of humanity, that He thus averted eternal death from the beings through His crucifixion and thus redeemed them. And even if the human being is completely distant from the Christian faith .... his activity in love brings him the knowledge of Jesus Christ's act of Salvation.

Anyone who lives in love also knows that Jesus Christ Himself embodied love, and he will never ever oppose Him, he will affirm Him in his heart and also before the world, because the love in his heart decides in favour of Him. Christian teaching will therefore only ever be the teaching of love, and no teaching will ever preach love which opposes Jesus Christ. A person's love should be unselfish, it should give and not demand ....

To live as a follower of Jesus means to give everything that seems lovable to a person and not to demand anything for oneself. .... Anyone who observes this commandment of love follows Jesus and his earthly life earns him redemption from spiritual bondage, his spirit recognises Jesus' Deity and he does not doubt for a moment, even if the whole world would like to rise up against him and rob him of his faith in the Redeemer.

The recognition of truth does not depend on how it is presented to him, but only the person becomes knowledgeable who lets his heart speak more, and this is expressed in works of unselfish neighbourly love. God is love, and Jesus shaped Himself into love, consequently the Deity was in all fullness in Him. The divine teaching of love should now also shape the human being in such a way that the human heart can become the dwelling place of Him Who is love Himself. Jesus first conveyed this teaching to people and confirmed it through His death on the cross.

And even if people have now become completely unloving, the divine teaching of love can never be completely eradicated, for it is from God and everything divine is everlasting. And even if the divine Redeemer is denied, as long as a spark of love still glows in the human being's heart he will stand up for the divine Saviour, and this will earn him increased love, and he will learn to believe ever more profoundly and unshakably that God descended to earth and embodied Himself in Jesus in order to redeem humanity, in order to acquire eternal life for those who shape themselves into love. ....



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