Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2169 29.11.1941

Loosening the solid form by God's will ....

An infinitely long time passes before the being is allowed to embody itself as a human being on earth, and this time is to be called the most agonising during its course of development. For although the external form as a human being also means a constraint for the being, it can nevertheless be called minor compared to that of the many external forms before. The stay in the solid form is particularly agonising for the being, for before these shells are dissolved, inconceivable times pass.

The external form as a human being, on the other hand, is only intended as a cover for the soul, the beingness, for a short period of time, and the human being does not experience this time as much agony because the body, the external form, can also create comforts for itself which do not make its stay on earth seem particularly agonising. The body therefore does not feel the existence on earth oppressive as long as it can obtain fulfilment. It also does not feel the bound state, for nothing binds it but what people put on it as a fetter through demands which the body cannot easily fulfil.

For the soul, on the other hand, the body itself is the fetter which makes it unfree, and it would like to be released from this fetter. The soul will therefore suffer from its external form as long as it complies with its demands. But it can loosen the fetters at any time, the less it respects the body and its desire.

In the preliminary stages the being was forced to carry out its activity, which was determined for it by God, and it was nevertheless a grace for the being again when it was called, i.e. permitted, to be active, for the being had to endure the state before that it was completely inactive .... and that in the solid form, which was instructed to the being for its first stay on earth.

The solid form encloses the spiritual being for an infinitely long time and it has to endure this agonising state because it is still completely opposed to God. But the being can do nothing to dissolve the solid form in order to free itself from it. The change of the solid form depends on divine will and is not carried out arbitrarily, but it depends on the being's willingness to carry out a serving activity.

If God sees the willingness of the banished in the solid form, He loosens this form and now instructs it to carry out any activity which is beneficial for the maturing of the spiritual in the form. However, the change of such external forms must be preceded by a certain act of violence, since these forms do not release the essence that is hidden in them. God's will is sufficient to destroy or dissolve solid forms, and God's will will loosen these external forms wherever the will to serve is present.

But eternities pass before a solid form has changed so much in itself that it no longer presses the essential as a fetter. That is why God Himself often intervenes to release the beingness from the hard form, namely through planned changes of the earth's surface, which always take place when God wants to give the beingness the opportunity for higher development. Such changes can always be observed at times when the already more mature spiritual being does not fulfil its earthly task, which consists of overcoming the last external form, when the being in its embodiment as a human being does not strive for further development but ignores the actual purpose on earth.

Then the still completely immature urges towards the serving activity. It longs for the privileges that come with being released from form. And this willingness to serve determines God to loosen the hard outer form of the beingness and therefore to give it the possibility to make itself free. And now the being can cover the earthly path in serving activity, and it progresses in its higher development. The stay in the present external forms no longer lasts as long as before in the solid form, but still unthinkable times until the being can enter the last stage as a human being, which can earn it complete liberation from the form.

The last time on earth as a human being is only a moment compared to the long time before, and it is not an impossible achievement for the being to free itself through a right way of life before God. .... Yet it is up to him how he lives his earthly life, only the constrained state is not arbitrarily ended if he has not used his earthly life in accordance with divine will, and then life in the beyond will likewise signify a kind of constrained state for him, and this will result in incomparable torments for him in the beyond ....



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