Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2171 1.12.1941

All Power, Love and Wisdom of God ....

God's omnipotence, wisdom and love are expressed in every work of creation, but only people who believe and are introduced by faith to the knowledge of His rule and activity recognise this. God's love let the works of creation come into being in order to redeem the beingness. God's love for the beingness determined His will to help this beingness in an adversity which it certainly caused itself but which it could not end without His help.

And His omnipotence and wisdom formed things whose purpose is to reduce the adversity of the beingness. And thus God created heaven and earth .... creations which testify to His love, wisdom and omnipotence, for these creations are inconceivable in their kind and diversity, and the human being can only behold a tiny part of the total creation and therefore also only judge a tiny part.

But there is no work of creation, no matter how small and unsightly it may be, that does not have its purpose and stands in close connection with another work of creation. Everything is well thought out by His wisdom and His omnipotence carries out what His love and wisdom wanted to bring into being. Love remains the power from which everything that is has come forth. Love is the divine creative power which, however, could not let anything perfect come into being without wisdom.

But God is perfect, consequently His wisdom must be unsurpassable, and therefore what has emerged from divine creative power must likewise be unsurpassable, thus need no improvement. And anyone who attentively observes God's creations must worship the divine Creator in profound humility and reverence, for what He has created bears witness to God's perfection, and there is nothing that could be wiser and more perfect than it is.

The infinite love of God has given the Beingness unlimited possibilities .... His wisdom did not allow anything incoherent to come into being, for the coherence of all things enables the being's constant higher development, and God's omnipotence allowed that to become form which His love and wisdom recognised as a possibility of development for the being ....



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