Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2174 4.12.1941

Thankfulness of the souls redeemed by prayer in the Hereafter ....

The more willing the human being is to help the souls in the beyond, the more intimately these souls rejoin the human being, for they recognise in him the saviour from their plight. They only sever their connection with earth when they no longer need people's help, when they are, so to speak, more mature than those and now connect with the souls in the beyond who are in the same state of maturity.

But then they will help the human being again, yet no longer desiring to be close to earth, instead they will seek to draw people's thoughts up into the spiritual kingdom, they will seek to guide the human being's spirit away from earth upwards because they are happier in that kingdom and earth has lost all attraction for them. But they do not forget the people on earth, and they are particularly helpful to those who have reduced their state of suffering and redeemed them from their adversity and torment through prayer and heartfelt remembrance.

Once these souls have been redeemed they will have much strength at their disposal which they can pass on to the earthly human being, and his struggle on earth will become increasingly easier and his spiritual progress will be easily recognisable. For now the redeemed souls draw from an inexhaustible source .... It is their bliss to be able to help, and their love will turn to the people on earth who still have to struggle for the salvation of their souls. They now give their thanks in the same way, they help the unredeemed to become free from their bondage.

How easy it is for people to strive upwards when they have earned the love of the beings in the beyond through their willingness to help and are now rewarded for their love ..... Then people can enter the beyond in a state of light and be spared the agonising state of imperfect beings. For this is also spiritual good which the human being acquires on earth .....

He will find his loved ones again in the beyond, there will be no separation of those who were united in love on earth and whose love did not end with the death of the body either .... Intimate understanding and blissful love also unites the beings now, because the same spiritual state of maturity is the result of mutual loving remembrance. What it means to have contributed towards a soul's redemption will only be comprehensible to the souls in the beyond when both the state of happiness and the state of suffering come to the being's awareness ....

And therefore the redeemed being in the beyond is always willing to help the unredeemed, and its love extends to the kingdom in the beyond as well as to earth. And that is why people on earth should acquire friends in the beyond through their constant willingness to help the souls which are still dependent on their help and love. For whatever they do out of love will be repaid to them many times over ....



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