Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2177 6.12.1941

Belief ....

Without faith earthly life is difficult to bear for every human being, for without faith he lacks every connection with God, and thus he also lacks strength. And again, God has to impose burdens on the human being because through them he is to take the path to God; he is to become believer or his weak faith is to be strengthened. The believer bows to God's will and patiently bears what is imposed on him, for he draws strength from his profound faith ..... And God helps him carry, whereas the unbeliever is without any supply of strength and almost threatens to collapse under his burden. Faith means being convinced of God's love, which takes pity on the hardship of the earthly child and sends him help when the human being threatens to despair ....

Furthermore, believing means considering everything possible if God wants it, and believing means assuming His Fatherly love that He wants it .... to reduce the human being's adversity if he entrusts himself to Him with complete faith. But the human being also has to know that God's love is concerned about the salvation of the soul of the person who appeals to Him ..... He has to know that suffering often has to be imposed on him because the soul is in danger of losing itself .....

And thus the human being's faith must be so profound that he will not doubt God and His love even if His help is not immediately recognisable. Surrendering oneself unconditionally to God and humbly accepting both joy and suffering from His hand is proof of unshakeable faith in God's love, and God rewards such profound faith.

Nothing in life comes to a person without purpose, everything is necessary for spiritual higher development, for his maturing. And the human being often has to go through great hardship of soul and be purified through profound suffering, he has to be prompted to reflect if he failed to do so without suffering .... and then his faith has to prove itself .... A shallow faith is a danger for the human being and therefore trials must be imposed on him. Yet God's love is always ready and He stands by the human being in adversity as soon as the slightest thought turns to God. For God is the refuge of everyone who believes ....



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