Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2179 8.12.1941

The effect of a bad deed can be transformed by God ....

The demon seeks to gain influence over souls that are fickle. He seeks to exploit the weakness of the will and to seize the will himself and it then requires great strength of resistance not to succumb to his temptations. But God sees the struggle of the heart and He resists the forces of the underworld when the human being threatens to succumb, and good forces stand by the human being to protect him from the evil power. Therefore, the human being should faithfully abandon himself to these good forces and never believe that God's love will diminish and that the human being is defenceless against evil forces.

Nothing can happen without God's approval, and His will turns every event so that it fulfils its purpose for the salvation of the human being. His will hinders or promotes the effect of every deed which the human will carries out, and therefore the human being should humbly let everything happen to him which the divine will allows. The more faithful and fully trusting the human being is, the less he will be affected by all events, for where the human being's will carries out bad deeds, divine will can nevertheless turn these deeds into a blessing for the salvation of people's souls.

Suffering can contribute immensely to salvation if it deepens faith and prompts the human being to intimate prayer, for everything that results in intimate union with God is a means for the human being to become free from his bondage. People often do not recognise God's love, they only see hardship and suffering, and yet these are the means He uses to win people's hearts. The more intimately they join Him, the more He can shower them with His grace and ease their path of ascent. ....



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