Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2183 12.12.1941

Admonition to Speak Fearlessly ....

The demonic influence is unmistakable where spiritual striving is threatened and a certain predicament is created insofar as people are not allowed to think and speak freely about spiritual activity and its results. God has given the human being the task to mention His working, and whomever God chooses and makes His will known to him should speak freely and openly and have no qualms that his openness could harm him. For if the adversary works on one side, then God's working is to be understood likewise, and His might and power is truly greater.

And thus anyone who is under His protection as soon as he fulfils His will will not need to fear Him. God can only make use of a willing person if He wants to instruct humanity of what is to come ..... But people shall know what is about to happen to them, they shall know it in order to recognise God's will when the day dawns which will bring severe suffering upon people.

And that is why God informs people in advance so that they will not be unprepared for the coming event ..... But how else should He inform people if He does not want to reveal Himself through the mouth of man? And this is what the adversary tries to prevent by appointing people who are in bondage to him to take action against those who want to serve God .... Yet the latter shall faithfully and resolutely fulfil their task and fearlessly confess Whose service they are in and call upon God deep in their hearts to strengthen their strength and will, and they will withstand every challenge and emerge from every battle of words unharmed.

God's fighters on earth are only a few, but they receive strength from God as soon as they commit themselves to Him, for although it may seem as if they have the right and the power to demand and forbid what suits their plans, they will not be able to destroy what God Himself directs to earth, and they will never be able to prevent God's fighters from fulfilling His will first before they comply with human commandments, for God is Lord over heaven and earth. ....



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