Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2184 13.12.1941

Audible word ....
Earth task ....
Precondition ....

The human being who has become love already feels God's nearness on earth. It is a consecrating act of blissful contemplation when God speaks to him and he hears His Word resounding within him. Then he knows that God is in him and his heart is filled with ardent love for Him. He no longer belongs to the earthly world, he walks on earth as if in a dream, only longing for the moment when his earthly life is over, so that he can unite with divine love forever.

But as long as the human being still belongs to earth he must also remain able to fulfil the earthly task given to him. But as soon as he is united with God he is far removed from earth and therefore also unable to carry out earthly activity. And therefore this state of immersion is only temporary, and it only lasts until God's voice has faded away. God makes His will known to the human being and the knowledge of it remains with him even when he is in full possession of his earthly strength.

And now he can fulfil his earthly task with increased strength, which mostly only consists of conveying what he has received from God to his fellow human beings. And the human being fulfils this task with great eagerness, and he conscientiously carries out what he was instructed to do ..... And therefore the receiving of the sounding Word is an immense blessing for people, for the love which God bestows upon His child on earth also communicates itself to those people who, as it were, become co-recipients of the divine Word through the former's eager activity.

To audibly hear God's Word is only possible if the earthly child completely surrenders itself to God, if it unconditionally hands itself over to Him, completely submits itself to His will and always and constantly appeals to God for His grace .... if it shapes itself into love, i.e. if it testifies to God's love for Him in works of unselfish neighbourly love, thus if it makes its heart ready to receive through its activity of love, so that God can enter such a shaped heart .... And the human being will feel God's presence, and thus he must also hear His Word, for God is the Word, and where God is, His Word will also be heard, the sign of His infinite love for people whom He wants to make happy through His Word ....



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