Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2189 18.12.1941

Working of the Spirit ....
Father's Words ....

My daughter .... There are so many errors in the world whose originators are people themselves and which never came into being through the Word I imparted to people. My Word is truth and will never give rise to error as long as it remains as unadulterated and pure as I gave it to people during My life on earth. But people are under the influence of the adversary, they are not strong enough to offer him resistance.

But the adversary strives to enforce My Word with error, and he succeeds in doing so as soon as the human being's will is too weak, thus this will does not completely submit itself to Me ...., i.e., when the human being wants to intellectually accept My Word and the adversary influences him badly such that he confuses his thinking .... The result of this is wrong interpretations which have been added to My Word in the course of time. The human being cannot distinguish where My Word is interspersed with human work if he is not enlightened by My spirit.

My Word will eternally remain the same truth but the work of men will pass away, because everything that is not from Me is transient. And now the time has come when the Word will be subjected to purification, which was brought to people as My Word and yet is largely additional human work. This purification has to be carried out because people get lost in teachings which deviate from the pure truth and were truly not commanded to them by My Word.

It is a questionable battle when alleged warriors of God fight with weapons which the adversary himself has provided them with, in that the will for truth is outwitted by the prince of lies. For this fighter wants to fight for Me and goes against Me because he wants to represent the truth and passes on error. And thus I want to guide these willing people into truth and must wrest from them that which imparts error to them.

And therefore I do not resist people who want to take action against Me and My Word, although they, too, are under the adversary's influence and carry out his will, who wants to prevent all knowledge about Me and My Word. I do not resist you because My Word nevertheless remains in existence, because My Word cannot pass away, but the will of destruction also applies to human work which is detrimental to humanity because it confuses people's thinking.

For what shall remain will be commanded to you humans from above again, and that is My Word, and this Word is inviolable and will remain inviolable, for I want it thus .... I want it to be conveyed to humanity and to remain with it; and where My will is at work all human will is ineffective ...., for where My Word is I Myself Am, and where I Am there is truth .....



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