Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2190 19.12.1941

Pure Word of God ....

The working of the spirit in the human being is not acknowledged even though the human being believes because it is inconceivable to him that God expresses Himself in an obvious way. He certainly believes in His omnipotence and His love .... he believes that God can do anything He wants .... but he does not believe that He wants .... he does not believe that God wants to establish contact with people and that He wants to communicate with them. If he would let this belief come alive in him, then His activity would also be understandable to him.

Furthermore, he does not believe that God uses a human being who is uninitiated into divine teaching, and he claims the right to receive His revelations for himself. But he can only receive divine revelations when he believes that God reveals Himself to people. For only faith makes the working of the spirit in man possible. The fact that God works in a person who believes in Him is only understandable to a few people. ....

This is a teaching that is very little heeded and therefore eliminates the working of the spirit in the human being. A person will rarely listen to hear the voice of God within himself .... And since he does not listen God will not speak either, and thus His working of the spirit cannot be revealed. Even if the human being is informed of this he will not make the attempt because he does not believe, and therefore he cannot hear God's voice, even though his way of life is before God .... even though his worthiness cannot be denied .... If he does not listen within, the spirit from God will not make itself known.

And he will only listen when he fully believes that God speaks to him. God is the Word .... but the Word wants to be heard, and it can only be effective when it is listened to. But in order to be able to hear it, the will must declare itself willing to listen. But where this will fails, God cannot express Himself if He does not want to endanger the human being's free decision. Thus it depends on the human being's will whether the spirit from God can become effective in him, but the active will is only the result of faith. ....

God can do anything He wants, and He wants everything that serves the human being for the salvation of his soul. If God's spirit works in the human being, He makes divine will known to him, and the fulfilment of this will will always bring salvation to the soul. Consequently, the working of the spirit is based on God's infinite love.

This love will do everything to help the human being mature his soul. God will always want and also carry out His will by virtue of His omnipotence. But the human being is only fully believing when he acknowledges God's infinite love and His omnipotence and wisdom, and then it will be easy for him to acknowledge the working of the spirit in the human being in the form of divine revelations. And only when he can believe this will he be able to receive such revelations himself, both mentally and audibly ..... For then the spirit from God also works in him because he believes ....



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