Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2191 20.12.1941

Truth from above ....

The few people to whom the spirit of God reveals Himself are chosen to receive extraordinary knowledge, and this is why they will so often encounter resistance or unbelief, because this knowledge does not correspond to the world's knowledge and also exceeds the knowledge of someone who receives spiritual knowledge from books and believes himself to be in the right state of knowledge. God certainly acknowledges his will and also seeks to impart increased knowledge to him; the human being, however, is arrogant in spirit due to the knowledge he possesses. He will stand in truth as soon as he asks God for enlightenment and allows himself to be mentally taught by God.

But knowledge is usually taken over by people which, apart from truth, also contains error. And the human being is not willing to surrender error, i.e. he does not accept any instruction which would enable him to distinguish and separate truth from lies. And then it is difficult to convey the pure truth to him, especially if the person in right knowledge wants to give him enlightenment about things which are beyond his knowledge.

But God wants to spread this knowledge on earth in order to make people believe, in order to make the connection of all things understandable to them. The spirit of God will never teach people anything other than what God has proclaimed to people from eternity, yet human will created its own limits of knowledge by building up barriers for itself which it does not want to cross nor tear down. These barriers are man's work, which has joined the pure Word of God and thus has made it into something else.

In order to be able to distinguish between God's Word and man's work, the spirit of God must be active in the human being, and the human being must know that God does not force his will to think correctly, but that He always helps him to do so. Furthermore, he must know that He does not hinder people if they work against His will .... that He keeps His Word pure insofar as He repeatedly lets people receive it unadulterated .... that He therefore descends to people time and again in the Word so that His Word remains unchanged .... but that He does not protect the Word from changes, which human will has constantly reshaped and reshaped since its emergence.

Nevertheless, He will guide the human being's mind correctly who reads this Word with love for Him and the will to serve God ..... He will reveal Himself to him in the Word, so that the human being will only draw the pure Word from it and not take offence at the teachings which were added to His Word against God's will. Yet trying to intellectually find or create a connection between divine teachings and human work leads to erroneous thinking, and even if the human being wants to act correctly .... his will is stronger than God's will, thus he opposes the divine will with his own will.

Anyone who is taught by God also has the right and the duty to defend his knowledge and must not allow himself to be swayed, no matter what objections are raised against him .... For those who are taught by God will unanimously receive the same truth. They will not have different knowledge, they will only ever receive from God what corresponds to the truth as soon as they have the will to serve God, i.e., to work for Him with the received truth, to impart it to their fellow human beings and thus to be redemptively active on earth.

Anyone who only desires knowledge for himself still has a certain self-love, which is contrary to unselfish neighbourly love, but which is the first condition for receiving the truth. And the standard must be applied to this, if one wants to examine the truth of proclamations of various contents. Only the will to serve in love makes a person capable of receiving the divine Word, and only in a person who is deeply believing and who shapes himself into love can the spirit from God work. And the working of the divine spirit expresses itself in such a way that the result is felt beneficially by the soul but not by the body .....

If the soul rejoices and exults over the received spiritual knowledge, the body will have to step back with its desire, thus the person who receives spiritual knowledge from God's spirit will increasingly turn away from the world, thus he will no longer pay attention to the body ...., while teachings which do not correspond to truth trigger a certain emptiness in the soul, and the human being will try to relieve this feeling of emptiness by striving towards something beneficial for the body. Truth is only useful to the soul, untruth to the body, because the body, matter, is still part of him who wants to bring untruth to humanity. Those who are of one mind strive for the life of the soul, for their soul means everything to them. ....

But those people who think they have passed away on earth are in greatest danger if they are not exceptionally loving on earth. For their knowledge is truly still limited. In order to increase their knowledge God lets them find contact with knowledgeable people, i.e. those to whom knowledge was conveyed by God for the purpose of instructing the erring.

God's love also wants to make them knowledgeable for the blessing of humanity. And the willing human being recognises the truth as soon as he humbly submits to divine guidance and allows himself to be guided by Him ..... For God leads every person towards knowledge and he will know the truth if he is willing and does not resist. He must allow himself to be guided by the voice of his heart but never judge intellectually where the inner voice urges him to accept what is commanded ....



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