Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2195 27.12.1941

Spiritual communications must be in connection with the Christian teaching ....

The spirit from God only conveys spiritual truths, and therefore it can be unconditionally accepted as truth what is announced to people through spiritual activity. As soon as earthly events are mentioned they must always have a certain connection with people's spiritual development, thus these earthly events must have an effect such that they can serve the soul's higher development. Then such messages from the spiritual kingdom are also to be believed, and they are to be acknowledged as divine spiritual activity.

Spiritual communications must always be connected with Christian teaching, then they have come forth from the kingdom of light and have been revealed to humanity for its blessing. And this is of utmost importance for you to find the connection between these proclamations and the Word which the Lord taught on earth ..... He now shares the same again in a different form. The Lord has announced on earth that the earth will be afflicted, that adversity and tribulation will come upon it and that not one stone shall be left upon another.

And so He must announce the same to people again and let His announcement be followed by action. What the Lord has said must come true, otherwise His Word would not be truth. It has to come true because people's spiritual development is connected with it. Thus a revelation can be accepted as divine without hesitation as soon as it is intended to ennoble people, even though it deals with earthly events, for God wants to prove to people through such events the truth of what He taught on earth and still teaches.

He wants to provide them with a small proof so that people will easily find faith or strengthen their weak faith, for the human being will only believe if he has evidence, otherwise, however, evidence cannot be given to him, that is, whatever spiritual truths are imparted to the human being can only be revealed to him after his physical death, thus he would never have evidence on earth for the truths which are spiritually imparted to him.

And God will help the human being by giving him the opportunity to test the truthfulness of His divine Word, for this will reveal that everything the Lord has said will come to pass in His way of life, so that the recognition of truth will contribute towards leading an earthly life in accordance with divine will, so that the soul's higher development will be taken into account, so that the human being will mature within himself and do everything that contributes towards the transformation of his soul ....



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