Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2198 30.12.1941

Unification of the Soul with the Spirit Act of Grace ....

That the soul can unite with the spirit is an act of grace of the greatest importance. It is the spiritual spark which God has placed into every human being, divine share, it is a spark of divine love which for the time being is still lacking in the soul and now establishes the connection between that which was conceived by God's adversary in wrong will and the giver of the strength which was needed for the procreation. It is God's share of the love spark, but it can also be misused by the human being by turning love towards the one who has begotten the being. But it can also develop into a brightly veined love flame when the love spark strives back to God.

If the soul unites with the spirit within itself, all thinking, feeling and wanting of the human being is directed towards entering into contact with divine love itself. Soul and spirit then strive back to the eternal love, to the spirit of God. If the soul had not been joined by the divine spiritual spark, it would hardly pass its last test of life on earth. It would inevitably fall back again and strive towards the one to whom it had been in bondage for endless times, since it would lack the knowledge of what God's share is.

The spirit in it, however, seeks to turn it towards the eternal divine. He therefore wrestles with God's adversary for the soul, although he does not force it to join him. However, he does have an influence on the soul if it is not completely opposed. God thus helps the weak by adding a strength to him which he only needs to use. For the divine spark of spirit in every human heart is strength, just as God Himself is also strength in Himself. It is now an incomparable blessing when the soul unites with the spirit, i.e. uses the strength it is entitled to through God's great love.

For to unite with the spirit means to be relieved of all responsibility for the soul, for then the spiritual spark, the strength from God, will guide the human being's thinking, and whatever he now starts will find the heavenly Father's approval. And thus the unification of the spiritual spark with the soul is the certainty for the final return to God, for the divine spiritual spark radiates from God and also back to Him again. And it pulls the soul with it, as it were. But the divine spiritual spark is love, it will teach love, and therefore the human being, whose soul unites with the spirit, has to completely shape himself into love, he has to overcome the love of matter and become inflamed with ardent love for God, and the soul will have been won back from God, it will have become one with the One Who is love Himself....



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