Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2209 11.1.1942

True Wisdom of Life - Absorbing the Divine Word ....

This is true wisdom, to accept God's Word into oneself, for nothing else can bring him the success that comes from divine wisdom. Life on earth only lasts a short time, and this time is mostly used to fulfil earthly tasks and to increase earthly good. And the human being believes himself to be wise if he can achieve great success in this. And he completely neglects to take care of his spiritual well-being, and at the end of his life he sees himself confronted with a shortcoming which lets him recognise his failed earthly life.

Wise is he who thinks of his soul first, who gathers spiritual wealth and disregards earthly advantages .... A wise person is one who allows the divine Word to take effect on him, i.e. who fulfils what is required of him through the divine Word, for he constantly increases his spiritual wealth; he considers his soul and thus fulfils the most important earthly task .... He helps his soul to mature and acquires eternal life for it, i.e. a joyful state in eternity which can be called incomparably glorious.

Admittedly, spiritual riches are not highly valued on earth, they are not tangible to the human being and are therefore not striven for, and at the gate of eternity the human being then stands poor and mere opposite those who did not value earthly life too highly and were poor in earthly goods but now approach a light-filled eternity. The divine Word has been their constant companion, the divine Word has replaced a thousand fold what they lacked in earthly possessions; the divine Word has taught them love, and if they followed it they also received love, and thus the divine Word has brought them closer to God Himself and consequently they only strived for the kingdom of God.

The soul desired the true home, for it only recognised earthly life as a transitional station which was to earn it spiritual maturity. And thus anyone who lets God speak to him through the Word, who listens to Him and follows His Word, who despises earthly possessions and only strives for spiritual possessions, who strives for spiritual knowledge and does not attach great value to worldly knowledge, is infinitely wiser, for he shapes his soul on earth and thus fulfils the actual purpose of earthly life .... he nourishes his soul and gives it spiritual nourishment through the divine Word ....



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