Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2213 16.1.1942

Father's Words ....
Fearless Fighters ....

He Who is love in Himself gives you the following proclamation: To be active in My kingdom is a task which requires courage and determination, for working for Me entails the hostility of the world. Anyone who has the will to fulfil this task in order to help humanity will truly not need to fear that he will ever lack strength. And I will strengthen him and let him find spiritual superiority if he is exposed to such hostility. And then he will appear courageously and powerfully, he will not timidly consider the consequences of his resistance but he will know that he fulfils My will, and this certainty will make him calm and confident of victory.

Every thought which touches Me unites him with Me, and where I Am present there is truly no defeat to fear. I only want that I Am faithfully remembered, that the human being takes refuge in Me when he is threatened by danger. For every thought calls Me, and I Am immediately willing to help My child because it remembers Me. And I will truly not leave in adversity and distress those who want to serve Me and need My strength and support ....

And if you are called upon to mention My activity, then no counter-speech should hold you back, then freely and openly confess that you work for Me and don't be afraid .... but believe that I Am close to you and put every word into your mouth and that you therefore cannot speak anything wrong but express what I want to say to people through you. I have to make use of a willing person who completely submits to My will; I cannot speak to them directly because people have become too unbelieving and do not establish contact with Me.

I also have to consider the earthly inhabitants earthly, i.e. I cannot approach them spiritually and thus cannot offer them anything spiritual either ..... But if a person is willing to listen to Me I can impart My strength to him so that he will then carry out what I instruct him to do ...., so that he will speak what I want to say to people ...., so that he will act as I would act if I Myself were in their midst. Anyone who is therefore willing to work for Me will receive My strength in abundance and he will freely and without hesitation say that he is in My pay.

For I need courageous fighters who appear so fearless that the world becomes attentive .... I need fighters who unite and do not let themselves be frightened by the measures of worldly rulers. I will send an army of My angels to meet them if the battle threatens to become hard, and no one of My fighters will ever be defenceless against the adversary. I Myself Am with him, and My strength is truly invincible and My love for those who stand up for Me and fight for My name is exceedingly great.

And whatever may come, I know everything and everything has to happen as I deem it good and beneficial for the souls ..... I still try to save many souls and use those who offer their services to Me of their own free will, for only these can I use as My instruments. And I reward their dedication with My love .... I let My strength flow into them and take away all anxiety .... I give them a courageous heart .... I place in their hearts the confidence that I am always near, and fearlessly they will speak and confess Me before all the world ....



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