Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2217 20.1.1942

Necessity of suffering ....

Suffering should make you humans realise that you are still walking the wrong path on earth, that you have not yet purified your thinking or that you are still far removed from God. As long as you don't work on yourselves, as soon as you believe that you no longer need education, you will come to a standstill in your spiritual development, and then God will have to send you suffering so that you will become aware of your shortcomings and intimately join Him in prayer. Then only a small amount of suffering will be necessary for you to seek unity with God, and He can take it away from you again as soon as your thoughts are correctly directed .....

However, most of the time humanity is far away from God and then it cannot find its way back to Him even through suffering. Then people rebel against the power they are powerless against, and the greater the suffering they have to endure. For if God takes away their suffering they fall back into their old mistakes and arrogance, they neither recognise God nor their imperfection, and thus they do not strive towards God by trying to shape themselves into perfection.

There are only very few people who can be spared suffering because they consciously work on themselves, and there are only a few to whom God can draw close to help them bear the suffering, so that such suffering cannot pass them by for the sake of humanity. And therefore the earth will be afflicted in such a way that one sorrowful event will replace the other, and great distress will befall people whose earthly change does not correspond to divine will. For the harsh adversity will change people as it appears unbearable to them, and this is the purpose of suffering.

God is always ready with His help if people call upon Him, and they can render even the greatest suffering ineffective in a short time through heartfelt prayer. But how rarely do people find the way to Him, how rarely does a deep, childlike prayer ascend to the Father in heaven that He can draw close to the supplicant and grant his request. People become hard and closed when they could confidently ask for anything .... And therefore they increase the extent of their suffering, they drive themselves deeper and deeper into suffering and adversity, and in this they do not recognise God's love which wants to help them ....



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