Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2220 23.1.1942

Working in the Kingdom of Light ....
Truth ....
Messengers of God ....

Numerous beings descend to earth from the kingdom of light and inform people of God's will. Yet only a few people recognise their activity, only a few know about the great spiritual need, about God's love and care for His living creations. Yet God brings these few together and they will receive messages from the kingdom of light in different forms, for God will consider them according to the task they have been given for their earthly life.

Yet the same truth will be offered to all, and therefore it will also very well be scrutinised, for what is offered from the kingdom of light will always and forever be the same .... Truth from God .... And thus these beings of light constantly convey divine wisdom to earth where willing people are ready to receive it and also declare themselves willing to pass on what they receive. The world full of light is continuously active to banish the state of darkness, and this can only happen in such a way that divine truth is guided to earth, which now gives people the right light and favourably influences their earthly change.

For once the human being has become knowledgeable he also lives according to this knowledge, thus according to divine will. He knows everything and thus his state is no longer without light ..... But where a light shines the dark night is broken through and darkness can never be there again. And thus the truth, which is offered to people from the kingdom of light, will also kindle a light wherever it is granted access .... But truth will also be recognised as such by the fact that it illuminates the human being's spirit, that the scales will fall from his eyes and he will understand everything that was unclear to him before, and he will now be urged to pass on to his fellow human beings that which makes him deeply happy because it has imparted brightness of spirit to him.

To be appreciated for the truth is an immeasurable grace but it can only be given to the human being who opens his heart to the teachings of the beings of light .... but at the same time shows so much love towards his fellow human beings that he wants to let them participate in his spiritual wealth. And thus humanity is informed of God's will, because God's messengers, as it were, proclaim His will to people. For only through the fulfilment of divine will does the light change into a bright flame, and its bright glow illuminates the darkest night.

But God wants to displace the darkness and put the light in its place ..... And thus the work of the beings of the kingdom of light is constantly a battle against darkness .... And everywhere the light is kindled so that the spiritual night is broken and the day full of light dawns which displaces the night ....



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