Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2224 30.1.1942

Spreading the Revelations of God's Will ....

It is God's will that His revelations be spread so that people learn to regard every world event as a divine mission or divine permission for the sake of their souls; so that they learn to recognise a connection between it and people's spiritual state. Only through the Word of God, which He Himself imparts to people, can this connection be explained to them, for people must first be instructed of the spiritual adversity and its effect on the souls in order to be able to understand which countermeasures are necessary to remedy this adversity of people on earth.

The knowledge of the meaning and purpose of creation, of the grace of embodiment and of the consequences of a right as well as a wrong earthly life makes everything understandable which is otherwise incomprehensible to people. And there is only one way to convey this knowledge to people, since it cannot be offered to them otherwise. For as soon as a person would like to instruct his fellow human being he would not find his fellow human being's faith, even though he only expresses the truth, because humanity is already too disenchanted, thus it has distanced itself too far from the truth, to be able to recognise it as truth.

People are so earthly minded that they only laugh sublimely at everything that is imparted to them as spiritual teaching. For this reason it has to be built on an earthly basis, i.e. spiritual teachings have to be conveyed to people in a way which arouses people's interest; they have to be able to convince themselves of the working of a Power even if they don't want to acknowledge this Power. And therefore they must be informed of this working, they must be informed of the content of the announcements so that they can convince themselves that they correspond to the truth when world events develop in accordance with the announcements.

The unbeliever will nevertheless persist in his unbelief since he is free to believe or not .... . He will regard everything as coincidence and also try to influence his fellow human beings. Yet many people will also think and change their opinion, and God knows about these people and wants to help them because they cannot find their way out of the confusion on their own .... And thus He reveals Himself to them, and blessed are those who recognise Him and believe His revelations ..... They will be saved from spiritual adversity because they are willing to be taught ....



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