Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2226 1.2.1942

Walking through the works of creation - transformation from death to life ....

The course through earthly life is only a phase in eternity and yet cannot be eliminated, for it only brings the beingness into the state of life, whereas otherwise it would remain eternally lifeless, i.e. in a state in which the beingness could not recognise because it is lightless and could not be active because it is powerless. This is a state of death, a state of torment and banishment, but which the beingness feels because it is aware of its existence. For it is spiritual, emerged from the power of God.

But the spiritual was originally destined to work in the blissful awareness of its power, i.e., to be active for its own happiness .... to stand in the highest knowledge and to lead an eternal life in fullest freedom, which it forfeited through its own guilt, being in bondage to the will of God's adversary. If the essence is to be brought back to its true purpose and its original state, then it must take the path through the works of creation, since without this a transformation from death to life is not possible.

However, this earthly path has to be travelled unaware of its success, the being has to take this path completely uninfluenced, because its will is meant to change of its own accord .... although it is initially bound insofar as God's will dictates its course of development, the being also decides to be of service itself, otherwise the possibility of higher development will not be given to it .... The change of will is the actual purpose of the earthly progress, which has to be carried out in full consciousness in the last stage as a human being, i.e. free will has to consciously turn towards God.

Only then does the being emerge from its former bound, lightless and agonising state into the state of freedom and knowledge .... into the state of beatitude and eternal life. Life or death .... the beingness creates each state for itself, depending on whether it has changed its will or remained in it .... For even the infinitely long earthly path can be travelled in vain if the being's will does not want to bow down to God but turns towards His adversary. Then the earthly path has not brought the being any redemption. And the state of death is its fate in eternity.

Admittedly, the being's will can still change this state, however this is a far more difficult process of change, often of inconceivably long duration, because the state of death is also a state of completely weakened will, but this will can no more be directed upwards than in earthly life.

The beingness, which in earthly life was always and constantly able to strive upwards through the constant supply of vitality in every stage of development, is now completely powerless and does not use its will. It is at the mercy of the will of the evil power and does not defend itself against it because it also lacks the power of resistance. Nevertheless, it is aware of its agonising situation. It suffers without creating a remedy for itself, which it could certainly create through its will. But these torments are again the last possibility to change the will, because the being can no longer be influenced in any other way. It must feel the torment to be unbearable and receive the benefit of a ray of light in a flash, which can then stimulate its will and change it.

This is the last grace which God grants to the unredeemed being, that the beings of light may join it and try to have an effect on it. Where this last grace is disregarded the being has irrevocably fallen prey to death, i.e. the being is so opposed to God that God's love withdraws from it and it sinks into complete lifelessness, so that it becomes again what it was before the dawn of time, a solidified mass .... the hardest matter .... which remains like this for eternities before it is admitted to the renewed process of change as the outer shell of the spiritual being which begins its course of development on earth ....



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