Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2227 2.2.1942

Desire for God - Union - Grace - Knowledge ....

The human being's conscious striving for union with God inevitably results in the soul's higher development, for striving towards God, the desire for Him, already signifies the granting of grace, and grace also causes progress, i.e. a higher degree of maturity of the soul. Anyone who receives grace will never stop at the same level of development, for grace is synonymous with the influx of strength, and divine strength draws the human being towards God.

The influx of divine strength can only take place when a connection with God has been established, thus the will for unification is already fulfilment, for God does not deny Himself to His earthly child if it desires Him ..... He gives it everything if it desires Him. He gives it everything if it surrenders its will to Him. The will turned towards God results in union with God and consequently also in a constantly increasing degree of maturity of the soul which now recognises light and clarity, i.e. becomes knowledgeable and loving and can thus be called light-receiving and light-emitting. It receives light and strength from God, which comes to it in the form of knowledge, and it gives it to its fellow human beings by passing on the knowledge. And thus she now works with God and for God ....

Anyone who desires God will, as it were, join the army of His servants and fighters, for he will willingly submit to every task God sets him. He who desires God himself will also show others the way to Him, if he knows the way himself. And therefore the love for God has to take effect in the love for his fellow human being, for as soon as the human being is capable of love, thus the spark of love in him flares up into a flame, this flame will always look for new nourishment .... it has to take hold of something and, as it were, consume it ....

Love for God will always express itself in love for the neighbour; this is simply not possible in any other way because the loving human being has ignited the divine spark within himself and this fire can never go out, and every work of love is the union with God which is recognisable again in the work of love. Consequently, the soul's degree of maturity must also constantly increase and a relapse can never take place. God does not allow this because the human being desired Him of his own free will, because he surrendered his will himself and thus the union with God could take place, which earns him grace upon grace and thus the influx of light and strength from God ....



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