Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2229 5.2.1942

Thought Statement on Doctrines of Faith ....

It is a spiritual incapacity, a lack of spiritual knowledge and power of cognition, if a person believes himself to be standing in the truth, who has received his knowledge from people without ever having taken a mental stand on it himself. To believe means to consider something to be true that cannot be proven. Nevertheless, everything that is demanded to be believed must be seriously thought through; but if everything that is taught is blindly accepted, then this is not a living, not a convinced faith, but only a systematic transmission of a teaching and a thoughtless acceptance of it.

And such faith truly cannot stand before God. It is not enough if objections against doctrines of faith are refuted with sayings which in turn have been learned, i.e. adopted, but do not meaningfully or convincingly substantiate a doctrine. Truth must be able to be justified quite clearly and irrefutably, it must speak for itself, as it were ..... However, truth cannot be something that has been established incoherently and without justification as a doctrine of faith, and every thinking person has the duty and the right to demand clarification if a doctrine of faith is incomprehensible or appears unacceptable to him.

If this clarification cannot be given to him by people in a satisfactory way, then he should ask God Himself for clarification, and only when this is given to him mentally, when he himself can affirm the doctrine of faith in his heart, then one can speak of convinced faith. God does not demand blind faith .... because then the words 'I believe' would only be empty words .... but a person can also have profound faith in something which cannot be proven to him as soon as his heart affirms it.

But this is only the result of reflection, and reflection about every doctrine of faith is required because otherwise the human being would have to believe everything that is presented to him. Since the adversary is intent on enforcing every truth with error and God does not prevent his intention, the human being has the duty to examine the truthfulness of the teachings he receives, i.e. to think them through and only then accept what seems acceptable to him.

And now it is up to him whether he asks for divine help. This request will earn him power of knowledge, for without God's assistance his power of judgement is truly too low. If his will is good and thus turned towards truth, then he will know very well whether pure truth or error is offered to him ....



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