Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2232 11.2.1942

Lie and truth and their origin ....

The working of the spirit is unmistakable where the concepts of truth and lie are so clearly distinguished, thus God or His adversary can be recognised as the origin of what is presented to people. The spirit from God will always declare war on all untruth, since it is pure truth in itself .... the emanation of God, Who is truth Himself. Truth and lie are so opposing that the origin must also be two completely opposite entities.

And the person who is in truth will always feel connected to God, i.e. strive for good from within, whereas the follower of the lie is in bondage to the will of the power which kindles all evil instincts in the human being. Just as the concept of truth can only be associated with God, the person who associates himself with God will never have to fear untruth or error, and consequently truth can always be assumed where people are willing to be turned towards God.

However, it is not the words but the deeds of those who believe to be knowledgeable that are decisive. A person who cannot do enough in his work of love will also irrevocably stand in the truth, because the spirit from God directs his thoughts towards the right recognition. But people who do not work lovingly themselves will represent lies, for their thoughts are influenced by the God-opposing power. This power will always try to mix truth and lies ....

The human being will neither desire the truth nor recognise the lie as such but accept without judgement everything he is offered, indeed, he will even consider everything good even if it obviously suggests evil powers. For he does not detest the lie, since he is blind in spirit and, through his loveless nature, is still very much akin to him who is himself devoid of all love. And he will also not feel the urge within himself to want to recognise what is true and right, because he desires nothing that is from God as long as he is still in the power of God's adversary.

Understandably, the working of the spirit is then not possible, because the spirit from God can only express itself where truth is desired, because God can only offer divine things to someone who strives to come close to God. But the lie starts from the adversary and also leads back to him, because everything that is a lie means distance from God and thus approaching His adversary.

The person desiring truth will recognise all characteristics of truth as well as those of lies, and he will very soon know where he should look for truth and where he can avoid lies. For the truth-desiring human being hands himself, i.e. his thinking, over to God Who then enlightens him with His spirit, i.e. directs his thinking so that he can clearly recognise and distinguish truth from lies ....



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