Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2236 15.2.1942

Intellectual freedom ....
Uninfluenced decision-making ....

In order to attain the right knowledge, man must not be denied the freedom of thought. But this is taken away from him if he is given a certain guideline, i.e. he is influenced insofar as certain views and opinions are held up to him until the person's thinking moves in the same direction. This is a certain compulsion, a shutting out of free thinking, which does not remain without effect in people who cannot offer any resistance.

Such people can never come to realisation, for they are rendered incapable of thinking for themselves and are consequently also without judgement. The human being should have the opportunity to decide in every direction, and therefore he must also be able to move in every direction of thought until he makes his own decision. Therefore it must not be prescribed to him and also not denied him what should be brought close to his train of thought, what he wants to accept or reject. For only then will it be possible for him to come to knowledge through reflection.

He must be allowed to follow every school of thought, otherwise he could neither be held responsible nor gain any spiritual advantage if he thinks wrongly or rightly. And therefore it is the greatest injustice to want to have a determining influence on people in spiritual matters .... It is wrong before God and man to forcibly steer people's thinking towards completely wrong views and teachings .... It is wrong to want to base the education of young people on completely wrong ideas and a completely wrong spiritual direction.

Young people must be given the opportunity to decide freely which ideas they want to accept ..... They must be granted freedom of thought and the knowledge of different schools of thought must be made accessible to them, so that they can decide for themselves without the determining influence of their fellow human beings. Wherever freedom of thought is infringed upon, the human being is stamped as an unfree being; people take away from him what God has given him. ....

Spiritual influence can only be approved of if unselfish love can be recognised in it, which wants to protect the human being from harm to his soul. However, where a certain spiritual blindness is brought up out of selfishness, where the human being is kept ignorant out of selfish motives, the fellow human beings who strive for this ignorance or achieve it through coercion are very guilty.

Spiritual freedom must be preserved for every human being, and therefore he must also be given the opportunity to examine every school of thought, i.e. to take note of it and to consider the pros and cons. Only then can the human being decide freely and form his spiritual state accordingly ...., but this is never possible if his spirit is gagged, i.e. the human being is forced to think as his fellow human being pleases ....



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