Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2238 19.2.1942

Father's Words - Truth ....
Preventing Untruth ....

The more sincerely you desire My Word the more willingly I will come to meet you, and the grace of receiving My Word is evidence of My love for you humans who are in great adversity of soul. I know your adversity, I know your weakness of faith and I also know that you are willing ...., thus My love descends to you and brings you help in your soul's adversity by revealing Myself to you.

And now you must realise that I bring you the truth, for no-one will be able to refute what I offer you, i.e. no-one will have evidence for his counter-speech. You must realise that the knowledge I give you is incomparably valuable in contrast to the knowledge the world offers you .....

And thus you may trustingly leave yourselves to My Words, you may accept them without doubt and not burden your hearts with anxious questions and doubts, for I prevent all untruth from entering your hearts and sharpen your power of judgment so that you will not accept anything which contradicts the truth .... because you only want to receive truth. The will to serve Me eliminates every wrong thought, because I understandably protect everyone from wrong thinking who places himself at My service, for if he is active for Me I will truly not let him do anything which is not in accordance with the truth, which I Myself Am .....

After all, I need people precisely to spread the truth .... Consequently, I must guide these few into truth who want to be active for Me .... I must impart the spiritual knowledge to them which they should pass on to their fellow human beings. Consequently, I have to take the greatest care that everything is received purely and unadulterated which is to be spread in exactly the same way.

And therefore don't trouble yourselves with doubts but believe that you will be well informed of the truth .... believe that I Myself watch over every Word which is then conveyed to people as My Word .... believe that My helpful spirits in heaven likewise make it their business to offer every help to the receptive human being, that they keep everything untrue away; for an earthly child which desires the truth will be allowed to receive it at any time.

And therefore cast all heavy thoughts away from you; accept what My love offers you ..... For truth will always be where it is desired and where I Myself, as the Giver of truth, distribute it to those who entrust themselves to Me with complete faith. I Myself Am the Truth and will therefore also know how to protect those who want to spread the truth in My name from erroneous thinking ....



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