Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2240 21.2.1942

Servant of God ....

As soon as the human being declares himself willing to participate in the redemption of immature souls, he places his will to work into the service of the Lord. He voluntarily offers himself to Him as a helper, he wants to do what is pleasing to God .... Serve God, i.e. lovingly take care of the souls of his fellow human beings and bring them, who are still in a state distant from God, to Him. This activity will always meet God's approval, for it corresponds to the actual purpose of earthly life, which consists of the redemption of the struggling, still unfree spirits.

Anyone who offers himself to God for service for this work of redemption is therefore in truth His servant who submits himself to divine will and is active for Him with His support on earth. To be in God's service is exceedingly beneficial, for His grace constantly flows to a servant of God. God gives him the ability in the same measure as man is willing to serve. God needs labourers for His vineyard in great numbers, and where a person is devoted to God in love, this love expresses itself in voluntarily offering to work, and God accepts his request. He instructs him well beforehand so that he is able to carry out the work which God now assigns to him.

The human being concludes the contract with God in his innermost heart alone, he offers himself to Him uninfluenced by the world or fellow human beings; his love for God and his fellow human beings alone impels him to hand himself over to God as His ever-submissive servant, and no ceremony or outward appearance is required, for only the human being's will to be redemptively active and to serve God and his fellow human being is decisive. .... Thus the Lord calls these His servants, He gives them His Word, He instructs them in the spirit, and He gives them strength and grace so that they can now also exercise their office and be industrious labourers in His vineyard ....

They have a great task ahead of them .... they have to be the mediators between God and people .... they have to inform them of His will on His behalf, they have to instruct people to do everything God demands of them, for only by fulfilling the divine will will the human being's soul become free; it liberates itself from the shackles of a power which holds it captive, it is redeemed from this power through God's love and those people who serve Him in deepest love and humility ....



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