Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2242 23.2.1942

Judgment ....

The demon of hatred and unkindness poisons the world, and this means the beginning of spiritual collapse, spiritual decay .... it means ruin both spiritually and earthly. What has completely become unkindness must be regarded as lost for eternity, i.e., it cannot acquire eternal life on earth but death, thus complete lifelessness, is its fate for eternal times. Consequently, earth has become unnecessary as a place of redemption for this spiritual substance since it has not made use of any opportunity, and therefore the spiritual substance's time of stay on earth has come to an end ..... A redemption era will come to an end, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.

A millennia-long period of development ends with a judgment, with a separation of the redeemed and the unredeemed .... of the spiritual that is turned towards God and the spiritual that is completely distant from God. God judges His creatures, i.e. He finally separates His own from Satan's followers, He gives the former a free life in bliss and binds the opponents again in the form, in matter, which they desired and thus forgot God and completely alienated themselves from Him. These are the living and the dead .... who will now be judged, who will receive their reward and punishment from God according to His Words, for God is just and He distributes according to merit.

Those who have recognised God, who love Him and fulfil His will, will live, but those who did not acknowledge Him and turned to His adversary and whose life was nothing but unkindness will be condemned to eternal death. God certainly has infinite patience with His living creations and still postpones the day; yet His patience is not valued by humanity, for those who don't acknowledge God also lack all faith in God's Judgment, and every hint of it is fruitless. And so it will come unexpectedly for people who have no faith and cause the greatest terror, but bring salvation to the believers in greatest adversity, for they are in utmost distress for the sake of their faith.

And the separation must now take place because there is no longer any possibility of improvement for the unbelievers who live in utter heartlessness, for all previous trials, suffering and earthly hardship, are unsuccessful and Satan's power over these people is immense, for they surrender to him and seek the believers' lives. This is the time of complete decay which precedes the last Judgment, which signifies the end of the present earth and the beginning of a new era which is spiritually extraordinarily significant because God banishes evil once again for an infinitely long time ....



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