Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2244 25.2.1942

Spiritual Goods - Own Knowledge ....
Fight of the Light with darkness ....

The battle of light and darkness will also come to light where spiritual striving is present, for the power of darkness seeks to prevent all brightness of spirit, it seeks to confuse human thinking and thus to make activity more difficult for the beings of light. The beings of light can only be effectively active where the human being allows himself to be guided faithfully and humbly, where no will of his own weakens this activity.

The latter is the case when the human being believes that he is already in knowledge before the spiritual forces could begin their work on him ...., thus when the working of the spirit encounters a certain resistance because the human being is not willing to give up the knowledge he has gained before. He then tries to find a connection intellectually and there are then two directions which fight with each other for supremacy. Then the power of darkness will use all means to cloud the human being's intellect and complete clarity can hardly be given to him.

The wisdom from God can be accepted without hesitation, and it is also offered clearly and comprehensibly enough as long as the human being only listens to this voice, i.e. does not try to connect human wisdom with it. The human being who wants to attain full wisdom must be faithful and humble ..... He must accept without doubt what is offered to him and nevertheless remain in deepest humility. He must not arrogantly consider himself so perfect that he can solve every problem intellectually, as long as it has not yet been solved spiritually. This is an anticipation of the working of the spirit, which can also eliminate the latter, i.e. make it impossible. Time and again the human being has to submit himself anew to the Lord in profound humility, he has to ask for His gift of grace and let God alone speak, he has to refrain from any opinion of his own, and he has to separate the spiritual good gained through divine spiritual working from the results gained through intellectual brooding ....



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