Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2245 26.2.1942

Knowing the God-connected people ....

Every spiritual debate between you gives you clarification about the human being's relationship to God, if you are concerned about making a just judgement. You will first have to pay attention to the human being's motives for seeking a discussion. The human being who is closely united with God will always desire to hear the Word of God, and this desire will express itself such that he will seek out the place where it is offered to him.

And the Word will penetrate him and make him happy, he will receive it and feel the strength of the Word, i.e. feel the Word beneficially. This one has God in him, he lives in God and thus stands in right relationship to Him. However, the human being can also want to talk about things which are not connected with the divine Word, then the divine Word is not desired first, and then the desire for God is only weakly present, and the human being's attitude towards God is also not as it should be in order to have spiritual success through mutual exchange of thoughts.

The hunger for truth, for the Word of God, must urge the human being to seek contact with people of the same spirit, but this hunger will inevitably demand to be satisfied; thus the desiring human being will desire to hear what satisfies his desire, and then it will also be easy to recognise him as God-connected who wants to speak and hear God wherever He expresses Himself.

For the God-bound person feels it when God speaks to him through a human mouth .... Thus the God-bound person can only accept, for he knows very well how to distinguish the working of divine strength from deception .... The God-bound person recognises God's voice and gives ear to it. But where little attention is paid to this voice the human being still lacks the intimate connection with God, and thus even a discussion will not result in the gracious consequences which God-bound people can draw from it ....



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