Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2249 3.3.1942

Spiritual Knowledge ....
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Working on the soul ....

It is by no means divine will that people should be content with the knowledge which is offered to them by human beings. Rather, they should strive to enrich themselves with spiritual knowledge and accept this spiritual knowledge directly from the spiritual kingdom, from where it is offered to them unadulterated, as soon as they desire the pure truth. For only this knowledge signifies spiritual wealth for them, whereas all earthly knowledge is worthless when the human being ends his earthly life.

Thus he should not believe that spiritual knowledge is unattainable for him and yet be satisfied with what he is taught in school, for then he will never be able to mature spiritually. But the purpose of earthly life is spiritual maturity, and God also gives him enough opportunities for this which he only needs to use. One such possibility is the reception of spiritual truths by way of purely spiritual exchange of thoughts with the world beyond. This grace is available to every human being, but it is seldom desired and can therefore only rarely be bestowed.

However, there is no other path which leads to the same spiritual success, and this is truly the most gracious possibility when God Himself imparts the truth to the earthly child through His messengers, through His light-filled spiritual beings which share the same will with Him and are therefore only executors of His will. These therefore instruct the human being and inform him of everything that is helpful for his spiritual higher development, they make him knowledgeable and thus also able to pass on this received knowledge.

And spiritual knowledge will fill all gaps, for the teachers in the beyond truly possess the highest wisdom and can therefore also impart it to the earthly human being, whereas the worldly wise can only impart inadequate knowledge, since they only possess such themselves. For worldly wisdom will remain inadequate even if people think themselves exalted and want to reject spiritual knowledge as unimportant and unproven.

Spiritual knowledge can also only be received and understood by people who shape their souls accordingly. If this work on the soul does not precede it, then they will lack all understanding for it, and no matter how eagerly they study it they will not be able to replace the work on the soul. But the human being should not be content with earthly or worldly knowledge but strive for spiritual knowledge, because this alone is of value for eternity. For only spiritual knowledge brings him spiritual wealth, without which the soul cannot exist in eternity, i.e. enter into eternal life. ....



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