Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2250 5.3.1942

Father's words ....
Voice of God ....
Listening inwards within ....

If you want to hear My Word, a thought is truly enough which you send to Me in longing desire. I am always ready to be with you in the Word. I Am willing to speak to you without restriction, for wherever a loving heart longs for Me My voice will always sound and offer the most delicious gift .... the purest truth .... I only know one goal, to draw you up to Me, and in order to achieve this goal I let everything arise which is around you. If a heart now comes towards Me Itself, if it desires to be close to Me in deepest love, I will have achieved this goal, for this heart's longing is already fulfilled .... I will no longer let go of anything that once aspired to Me.

And thus you should know that you can all hear Me if only you seriously want to. You should know that I Am willing to speak to you everywhere and at any hour if your love seeks Me, and you will truly be constantly fed with My Word and never need to fear that I will withdraw this gift of grace from you. For My love will always remain the same, My love will never spend itself, and My love is constantly concerned for you and wants to give you what you need in order to unite with Me forever. My love also wants to make you capable of love, and for this you need My Word which informs you of what you are and what your task on earth is ..... You need My Word which teaches you love so that you will come close to Me, so that you will become what I Am .... so that you will become love.

And thus I teach all My children and bring Myself close to them in the Word, and all may hear Me ..... But then they must also listen to the voice in their heart, they must quietly withdraw into their little chamber, i.e. free themselves from the world and its temptations and then converse with Me, and if they then listen attentively within they will also hear My Word, the clearer and more distinctly the more intimately they unite with Me and the more they can shut themselves off from the world. They must be devoted to Me and pledge unchanging loyalty to Me, then their spiritual ear will be sharpened and they will very well recognise My voice, for I speak Words of love to those who long for these Words. ....



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