Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2251 6.3.1942

Suffering and affliction proof of God's love ....

Whom the Lord loves, He leads through much tribulation and suffering in order to purify him while he is still on earth. And bear this in mind when He imposes suffering on you which seems unbearable to you. In His wisdom He has truly chosen the best for you, even if you cannot understand this on earth, yet your soul will sincerely thank Him when it has ended its earthly life. For then it will also realise how much further it has progressed through the path of suffering it was destined to take on earth. It is only a short time that you live on earth, but life in eternity is endless.

And the life of bliss is truly worth the suffering man had to go through on earth. On the other hand, anyone who is spared all kinds of tribulations on earth has a far more difficult path to travel in the beyond, for the soul first has to completely purify itself in the beyond, and this requires a much longer time and a great deal of effort. Earthly life is rich in graces, and every suffering, every sorrow is in a certain sense a grace, for it helps the soul to ascend. It is a means God uses which is far more successful than the divine teachings are if they are not heeded. Suffering must be heeded and brings about the actual change of thought.

But a carefree earthly life only lets people become increasingly more superficial, because the pleasures of life drown out all spiritual knowledge and spiritual desire and the human being becomes increasingly more alienated from God. For it is certainly true that suffering leads closer to God, providing the human being is not so distant from God that he does not think of God even in suffering or completely rejects Him. At present the whole world is far from God, and therefore it does not recognise suffering as a divine mission or admission. ....

And this causes God to intervene even more tangibly and to shake people out of their spiritual calm. He has to send them even more suffering, He has to help where people are in great danger of no longer remembering their actual purpose but seek their salvation solely where God's adversary is active .... in the pleasures of the world. And this is what God wants to keep away from you, and therefore you must take suffering upon yourselves and bear with patience everything that God lets come upon you for a blessing ....



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