Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2252 7.3.1942

Refuting the Objection of the "Working of Bad Forces ...."

Where the eternal Deity expresses Itself so obviously it is impossible to conclude that bad forces are at work; and yet this objection will be raised so often because this is the adversary's last weapon against God. And precisely this objection is so easily refuted with the fact that no God-opposing force will teach people love and thus lead them to God. The teaching of love is always and forever God's Word .... thus anyone who preaches love, whether on earth or in the beyond, will always be in God's service but will never be influenced by evil forces.

People create their own ambiguity by speaking without thinking .... They try to mislead their fellow human beings, consciously and unconsciously. They have too little power of judgement themselves or do not use it, yet even the slightest will to recognise what is right and to act correctly would give them clarity. Where God is active love will always be the principle, whereas the adversary's activity aims to displace love on earth. Where God works there will also be wisdom, i.e. something will be clearly and understandably offered to people which, again, can only trigger love for God, and where God works there will also be strength and light, for these are the effects of what God's love and wisdom lets flow to people.

God's love seeks to educate people to love, the unkindness of God's adversary, however, seeks to destroy love. What now points to love cannot possibly be from the one who fights love. God's love seeks to guide people into truth, but God's adversary also fights truth. Everything commanded is clearly understandable and acceptable to every person who seriously strives for truth. Consequently, there cannot be a power at work which strives to spread error in the world .....

But anyone who examines will hardly be able to find an erroneous teaching but his heart will affirm everything if he is not in bondage to the opposing power himself. And furthermore, a power expresses itself which cannot be denied. But power can only radiate from the one who is the original source of power .... God's adversary also has strength at his disposal, since he himself is also a recipient of God's strength. But he uses it to work against God but never to work for Him, otherwise he would no longer be God's adversary. And this is decisive for every expression of strength, which spirit speaks from it .... Divine activity can always be inferred where love can be recognised, because love comes from God and leads to God, whereas evil forces refrain from all indications of love and their activity is directed against God and against everything good ....



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