Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2254 9.3.1942

Traditional Faith ....
Obeisance ....
Free Decision ....

A clear judgement of what is truth and what is error will only be possible for the person who has the firm will to stand in the right knowledge. But this will is mostly lacking in those whose faith has already been forced into a certain form, who therefore have no faith of their own, but only call a traditionally adopted one their own. A certain obedience has been brought up in them, which God also credits to them as a virtue, because they believe that they thereby also live pleasing to Him.

Nevertheless, the human being lacks something of importance .... free decision, i.e. a realisation which causes free will to accept or reject what has traditionally been handed down to him. He has been taught obedience in such a way that he does not even consider taking a mental stand on the teachings he has been given. He feels neither entitled nor capable of examining and judging .... but accepts without contradiction everything that is transmitted to him by teachers, because he only assumes truth from them.

He completely excludes human errors and inadequacies and unquestioningly recognises the teachers as justified and infallible. Nor does he himself apply the gifts with which God has endowed him, the intellect and power of judgement, which are the prerogative of man over the animal and should therefore also be used accordingly. Consequently, he cannot make any spiritual progress either, because it is absolutely necessary for him to be intellectually active himself, that is, to use his intellect and his free will in order to attain knowledge.

But he is prevented from doing so, or he allows himself to be prevented by existing religious teachings which make the use of intellect or free will unnecessary, thus they are to be accepted without thought, but this can never result in a living faith. This is a state of affairs which impedes spiritual higher development, for such teachings are not suitable to kindle love for God, thus to bring about an approach to God. Every thinking person will feel it to be spiritual freedom if he is able to deal with his thoughts himself; if he is not forced to live into other people's thoughts .....

Likewise, he must also have the right to think through what is offered to him as truth and to take a stand on it. For only then is his free will active and the human being decides. Before that, however, one cannot speak of one's own decision, and this is a shortcoming which extremely impairs the soul's higher development, which is why the bearers of truth and light-giving beings tirelessly fight against it ....



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