Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2256 11.3.1942

Admonition to make the most of time for redemptive activity ....

Every day and every hour should be used to bring salvation to erring souls. The spiritual revelations can only be conveyed to people through a person who is always and constantly willing to be the link between God and people. He must surrender his free will to God and now receive the divine Word which is to give people strength to work on themselves. Love for his fellow human beings should determine him to only ever be active for them, and this activity should take precedence over all others, after all, it is the most important one the human being should carry out on earth.

And there is not much time left, it inexorably presses forward, and it will not be long before the world stands before the last Judgment, that a time of grace has ended which was intended for the redemption of the beingness. And therefore this last time is to be used as far as possible, nothing is to be missed which could contribute towards redemption, every soul is to be wrestled for with love and perseverance, and work is to be done incessantly for the kingdom of God, which will last for all eternity.

For the earth will come to an end; everything the eye sees is transient .... but the kingdom which is not of this world is eternal and everlasting, and those who want to acquire this kingdom must be constantly active, they must strive for spiritual progress and likewise help their fellow human beings to progress, they must not be tired or slacken in their striving and in their soul's work, they must always remember their fellow human beings' spiritual hardship and try to remedy it, they must only have one goal in mind .... the redemption of their souls. .... the redemption of souls from dark spiritual night, from the bonds of the one who wants to ruin them and strives for their eternal downfall.

And therefore every day and every hour is important and valuable which is used for the salvation of people's souls, and every work whose goal and purpose is the redemption of souls from the power of darkness is blessed. ....



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