Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2257 12.3.1942

Higher development and failure ....

Everything in the world has its time, i.e., everything visible must go through its higher development in a certain order, and the duration of this higher development has been determined by God since eternity. However, the being in the stage of free will can shorten the time of higher development as soon as it seriously strives for spiritual maturity. Consequently, the duration of development as a human being is entirely at its discretion; it is not forced to live as it is conducive to the human being's degree of maturity; however, it has to bear the consequences itself in that the time made available to it passes without having earned it the higher development of the soul. The human being cannot extend this time at will, and since he has no idea how long God's grace will grant him to mature he must be all the more eager to achieve the highest possible degree of maturity on earth.

The death of the body will then end every opportunity on earth to mature spiritually, and even if the opportunity for the souls' perfection is still offered in the beyond, it will always remember with self-reproach that time on earth when it failed to strive when it was still in full possession of its strength.

Thus God has so far left the human being's will free by also preserving the life of those people who had become apostates to Him. And He will not force him to accept His teaching in future either, but He has set limits to the time of redemption by restricting this time from eternity ..... For He saw people's will and knew from eternity that the will would not use the time of grace of redemption. And thus He deprives people of life, which they no longer appreciate and recognise as God's grace, and with life also the distant possibility of spiritual higher development ....



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