Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2259 13.u.14.3.1942

God-like will of the perfect spiritual and Activity ....
Creation and animation ....

Everything spiritual which has united itself with God also has the same will with Him. God's strength flows through it and thus what corresponds to God's will will now be carried out, for the now perfect spiritual substance certainly works on its own but in union with God by using the strength which flows to it from God. The being can accomplish nothing else than what God wants, and it will also have no other will, because its will has completely subordinated itself to divine will, or its will also completely merges into God's will.

This agreement of thought and will is something unspeakably happy, which is crowned by the fact that nothing is impossible for the being what it thinks and wants, and through God's strength it can now create and shape at its own discretion without ever acting contrary to divine will; whereas in the state far from God the being's will acts arbitrarily and will always want and think what is contrary to divine order.

But the being can only be perfect when it is in fullest harmony with the divine order. God, in His wisdom and perfection, created everything in the most perfect order and will preside over this His creation with His will for all eternity. Consequently, all beings which have reached the level of perfection will likewise enliven creation through their will, i.e. new creations will always arise through their will, for God lets these beings create and shape them for His own happiness in accordance with His order, His plan and His wisdom.

And this is the spiritual's original state into which it entered again after an inconceivably long time. The spiritual fulfils its original purpose by letting the original power, love, become form according to its thoughts and its will. And this means a degree of happiness for the beingness, which is unimaginable, but which was also set as the goal for all beingness. Even if eternities pass by, the perfect being will constantly carry out its happy activity and create and shape and thus fill the universe with ever new creations, which again have the purpose of leading the still imperfect being towards perfection ....



(3/14/1942) Thus the task of the beings consists of enlivening the creation for the purpose of perfecting the spiritual substance which contains the creation, and this task is the prerogative of the beings of light which have a high degree of perfection, i.e., through mutual unification they have, as it were, become great stations of strength which can therefore now also work accordingly. These many beings will likewise only have one will, because with the strength from God they will also be permeated by His will.

For this is the sign of their God-likeness, that their thoughts solely apply to the redemption of the still unfree spiritual beings, because these beings of light are filled with heartfelt love for the unredeemed souls and would like to guide them towards God, thus they likewise seek to turn the blissful state towards them. Therefore they first have to change the thinking of these beings and make them receptive for light and love. This, in turn, is the work of otherworldly beings of light through which they fulfil a task incumbent upon them.

The teaching forces are also constantly at work, for their mission is infinitely laborious and sometimes requires a long time before it is successful. These beings of light also only fulfil God's will, i.e., just as God's wisdom wants to send spiritual food to the beings on earth and in the beyond, so the beings of light distribute it, for they have supreme knowledge and therefore also know in which form and abundance God's gift can be offered to the still unfree spiritual being and in which state of maturity the receiving souls are.

Every activity of the beings of light is only meant for the redemption of the unfree spirits, just as the divine will constantly wants to redirect the once emanated strength to Himself, thus it wants to win back all spirits which have distanced themselves from Him. Every activity of the beings of light has as its goal the final unification of the spiritual substance, which is still separated from God, with God and thereby highest happiness through working with God and for God in His will ....



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